Aurora 2

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Aurora 2 inside.PNG

Aurora 2

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31-Jets with Storm Jet Technology, 3hp 2sp 56-Frame Waterway Pump motor, 220v Balboa VS500 Power System &

Topside Controls. Programmable for 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 hour filtration ozonation cycles. Lite, Hard Cover & Mazzei

ozone ready.


Dimensions: 60 x 84 inches | 152 cm x 214 cm
Depth: 34 inches | 86 cm
Capacity: 210 gallons | 795 liters
Weight: 395 lbs | 179 kg

Mazzei ozonator:
Shell Color:
Cabinet Color:
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Aurora Series - Viking Spas Aurora Series is a great choice for those desiring a more private spa experience at a great value! This model is great for those with space constraints as well. Ranging from plug-n-play (110v/240v convertible) to a fully featured LED lighted,stainless steel jetted spa, Viking provides a good/ better/ best option for you.